“Pillow Talk” and the Bachelor pad

One of the readings for next week’s class had me a little confused. It was about the stereotypical bachelor pad and how it relates to “playboy.” It says that a man’s home is the reflection of his inner self and for some reason the home would have some playboy elements. Aspects that would seem very fitting for some romantic get togethers. From what I’ve seen from the pictures of a house, that was on blackboard, it did have a lot of fancy decor such as a fire place and a rotating bed but I don’t think it was all a reflection of man’s sexual desires or have something to do with playboy. From the ending of “pillow Talk” we see the main female lead transform the room into something that she liked and that scene was supposed to show her interest to Allen. Was that room decor supposed to reflect her sexual desires? Clearly that’s what the film was trying to convey but it was just played for comedic effect and only for that one moment. Her own apartment did not spell seduction and nor did Allen’s room despite looking fancy. The article used this film as an example of a person’s home having some relation to playboy because of Allen’s phone conversations, and piano playing. The article goes on to say that a man should take over the house in order to prevent it from becoming more “for women” as if “males did not exist as males” whatever that means. The relationship with that and playboy just screams stereotypes or at least that’s what i’m getting. The main point of this article seems a mystery to me because i’m not sure what i’m supposed to take from it. Is it saying that all men are pigs or that this bachelor style house is the only way to stop the “Womanization of America?’ Can someone fill me in on what i’m missing?

Housewifery + The Rolling Stones

Last weeks class discussion on the 50s and 60s and housewifery reminded me of The Rolling Stones song “Mothers Little Helper”, as I mentioned during break to Professor Herzog. The song is about how Valium was prescribed to housewives to “help her on her way, get her through her busy day.” This ties in with anxiety over not knowing your role, and not being in full control of your life. I thought I’d share the song here in case anyone wasn’t familiar with it, and would be interested in reading anyone else’s take on it relating it to our class discussion.

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