Visionary Feminism: Bell Hooks

This article realized me more about feminism and feminism in the media. In the article, it was mention that there are some gender issues in the television shows and radio but these medias didn’t really highlight the issues the way feminism did. It realized me that there are many news or newspaper or other media devices picked up gender issues but they just picked something looks like gender issues. It didn’t really try to think about the way feminism thinkers did. Also, this article focused on the domestic violence and patriarchy and I couldn’t have a connection until this article did. I have never think about that patriarchy could link domestic violence because I always thought that a man who did domestic violence because of his personality issue. However, if I link between domestic violence and patriarchy, it more made sense to me. Of course, not all men in the earth did domestic violence and influence by a patriarch, but patriarchy was the slightly establish an environment for domestic violence for men.

Forever Stardust : David Bowie Across the Universe

Bowie was the person who gave huge influence for LGBT since the early 1970s. He changed the idea that how man or woman should behave to the society, especially young generation. The way he appeared in the media was new and young generation felt that was cool, but the old generation was hard to understand about his idea. I could understand the society couldn’t catch up him easily because he was too new. He was too new, so people felt fear unconsciousness and tried to think about he was “different” from them. The way they avoid him was the best way to stable their society. Also, he said he was a gay and other time he wasn’t gay in the media so his comments made people confuse who he was. However, I still impressed he showed himself different way from other people and his feature somehow good effect to other people.

Still at the back of the bus: Sylvia Rivera’s struggle Jessi Gan

When I read this article, I most surprising facts was her background. I didn’t really expect that she had an extremely complicated childhood when she was young. She already had sex with her cousin when she was only seven years old, and later she knew that she could use her body to earn money as well. I thought that how she grew up influenced how she is and it reinforces how she wanted to be too. The way she neglected by her parent lead how she wanted to express herself. Also when I watched her video in the class, I impressed her message. She had a strong voice, words and she had a big courage to speak in front of a crowd of people. I felt that she was one of the important people who changes perception of gender to society.

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema by Laura Mulvey

This reading was very hard to me to understand. I understood about an idea of Froud because I took psychology classes before, but it was hard to connect between Froud’s idea and Laura Mulvey’s idea into the movie. I only understood few ideas from this reading which were women were sexual objects for the male gaze and also women were always passive and men were active. The idea of women were sexual objects for the male gaze made me unexplained feeling. I felt I could understand this idea because there were many stories that women seducing men, but not all of stories like that, so at some point, I couldn’t fully understand. Another one was women were always passive and men were active, and this idea made me uncomfortable as well. I though because of this idea made people thought women were not strong and also control women’s limitation what women wanted to express themselves. I hope what I though make sense.

Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America

I agreed on a lot of sections when I read this article and I felt that the same idea people had towards the television who lived in the 1950s and who live now. There are conflict ideas between the family united and the family isolated. When family get together and watch television is actually occupying much time to spend time with family. However, it’s not exactly equal becomes strong family tie because if family members want to watch a different channel they leave the room and go to the different room to watch another channel.

Also, there is another problem still going on nowadays which is a relationship between television and children. It is easy for parents that their children watch television and they don’t bother their parents when parents need to do something. Yet, if parents always rely on television children addict television and they always crave to watch television. People need balance how much parents rely on television and how much children can watch television. Now, some parents face that problem and they don’t know how to change children’s attention from television.

On the other hand, there was interesting fact that television removed father’s authorities. Every family member more focused on television and the remote controller was kept waves hand, so there was less control by fathers. Moreover, repairmen fix television so fathers didn’t fix television gradually. As a result, fathers couldn’t know how to fix television at all. These small elements removed significant father’s authorities.

We Like Our Apartment: The Playboy Indoor

I was enjoying to read this article because there were a lot of things I didn’t know until I read it.
The fact made me most surprised was the idea of the bachelor pad connected with playboy. There are some men leave their family and be independent or support themselves now. However, people think the men who living themselves are independent but people don’t think they are playboys. In the article bachelor pad was cool and who lived there was cooler. One fact I agreed in the article was bachelor pad in the megapolitan contain some sexual attractive towards women. The reason was because living city is already expensive and also the idea of bachelor pad had a big room, having many pictures, and there was stylish furniture so it would be an extra expense for a living. Which meant that the man had money and also referred maybe a good job. Women want to get men who live nice place, who have money and who can support her. Therefore, bachelor pad was romance for men, but also for women.
Another interesting thing was bachelor became womanized after they married. Before men marry they could do whatever they want. They didn’t really care the color of furniture and arrangement, but when they marry their wives controlled their room. Even worse, men had to leave their dream room in order to live house. They lost their style and they needed to adapt their new lifestyle. I think because of this, there are many men dream strongly about bachelor pad. Moreover, media pushed let men dream about bachelor pad to use magazines and movies.