Forgetting ACT UP

This was not the first time watching this documentary but I can say the second time around was much clearer. This fight against the government and treatment for people with the virus is a long ongoing process. The activism that ACT UP did was a trendsetter. Many activist followed their style of protest, propaganda and activism. The idea of making sure your message is heard all across the country. The most obscene act I have to say would be carrying the dead body around in a form of protest.


I see why Moonlight won an Oscar. Barry Jenkins did an amazing job directing the film, from camera angles, the plot and the transition from childhood to adulthood. The young men in the film played their roles to the teeth. The movie had an old vintage color scheme to it which set the tone and mood of the film. The colors yellow, blue, and pink stood out the most. At first I thought the movie took place in California because most old school movies like Friday took place there. Some African Americans have a long history of struggling with poverty, drugs and living in unsafe urban neighborhoods. In the beginning of Moonlight, the young boy was running from classmates that were bullying him. Throughout the film, Little continue to battle being treated as something less than he is, from his mother as well.  From the moment he ran to the abandon apartment, a light bulb clicked that there is something going on in this boys life. Us, the viewers did not know his mother was a drug addict until he went home after being with Terrance and she yelled at him. In High school Little still faced being mistreated by other males. It was not until he became a muscular man after being incarcerated that he was able to stand up for his self. The women in the film was his closure and of course the young man that kissed him played a huge role in finding his identity.