Women and Aids

Women have been dying of Aids since 1981, and only by 1986 were they beginning to be acknowledged for it. Because of this, there are many activist for women and aids. In order to advocate for women and aids you must educate people first. Most people are not educated people. Activist began making plays, books, videos, coloring book sand events for adults and children on the matter. The best way to educate people is when they are young. It was brought about where they had gotten financial support for their activism, and the answer was that they had not. The money they used was from personal accounts. Master cards and tips from clients at their personal careers. They declared, “We’ve made it this far, so that must mean there is something to us”.

When one fights for something from their own personal being it is that much greater and worthwhile. People many times automatically think that when women fight for rights the are just being annoying feminist, however, if they were just doing it to do it, they would not had put in all this commitment that they had.

Later on in the article, it is written, “to change this situation, women must first be recognized as valuable human beings”. When i read this I was shocked, because every person is a person despite their gender. However, the sad truth is that just like Aids are an issue, there are also gender issues, racial issues, and much more. There are so many issues and it is our job to fight for them and try and resolve them. We should focus on educating first like they did for women and aids by various ways. If you want any problem to be fixed one must educate first.

Forgetting ACT UP

Act it up was a great and significant activist group. They fought and accomplished a lot, however, because of all the attention they got many other groups and forms of the type had gotten forgotten. The writer in this article quotes, “for the most part they were educated white-gay men who talked in a high fallutin manner”. The mere fact that someone can say something like this is pretty telling that there was even a certain intolerance or unacceptence within the activist group, ACT UP. They continue to write, “I guess I never joined ACT UP because I never saw myself as a member…I did not feel welcomed. I had friends who belonged to ACT UP but no one ever invited me to join”. This statement is extremely interesting. How could it be that an activist group fighting for life and rights and acceptance, is not as accepting as they would be expected to be?

ACT UP has had extreme success and accomplished a lot. Within their accomplishments there are other issues that have not been figured out. For example, black men with HIVs, what are they supposed to do? They can very well fight for their life within ACT UP but racial issues are a whole separate issue and aren’t fully dressed with ACT UP for black men with HIVs. Although ACT UP is remembered, there are people who are forgotten. However, despite most ACT UP members being wealthier and white, many people were saved from the disaster of aids.

With everything there are always down sides. Regardless of everything, ACT UP was a group of people who fought for what they thought it right and fair, and that’s what is most important.

Scratching the Surface: Some Notes on Barriers to Women and Loving*

Although there is a lot of love in this world, there is also a lot of hate. All forms of hate stem from the same thing. The article mentions racism, sexism, heterosexism, and homophobia all stemming from the same thing. They all have the same root. The reason they exist in hate is because society can’t seem to accept differences as a “dynamic human force.” Because of all this hate, people within the same ‘groups” stick together and form a community for themselves. One can see that within the black community they are close knit. However, that is not necessarily the case. We see that even within the black community, there is much “competition” and unacceptance between black males and black females.

For example, black men will never and has never been forced to bear a child and have been raped. Black women have their own oppression within the oppression of their race. Therefore, “black women are coming together to explore and alter those manifestations of our society which oppress us in different ways from those that oppress black men”. There is a major difference between oppression for male and female.

I find it interesting that the article mentions how it is not the non- black women’s fault for the oppression but rather it is the black men’s doing. Honestly, I feel like this makes sense. Women have it a lot harder. As I said before, each “group” creates a community, and women stick together somewhat because of sexism. It is crazy to think about though because the black community should really be able to unite and not waste energy on more hate within their close-knit community. They should be joining forces to try and stop oppression all around in all aspects.

What is most striking to me is that everyone in the black community knows how it feels to be oppressed and looked down upon or not have equal rights, therefore, why would black males oppress black women? Or black women that are homosexual? Shouldn’t they be more open and caring to women all around? This is exactly why there is oppression to begin with- because society puts messages in our heads that we comply with because it makes us feel superior and special. Black women who endorse lesbianism are even more oppressed and in their race it is looked as “death to our race.” Regardless of being homosexual or heterosexual, black women need to deal with oppression regardless for their race and their gender.The amount of levels of oppression that exist are insane and never ending.

Television In The Family Circle

While reading the article Television In The Family Circle I found many things shocking but also agreed with a lot of the content. I found it most ironic and shocking when I read about how television was a way of mending the family back together after World War 2. If you think about it, nowadays a television does just the opposite. Although there is defiantly good that comes out of television, it is the reason for many social and psychological issues for children and the way in which they are growing up. It may even be the reason why kids may even disrespect their parents. If a parent tells their child to stop watching television and start their homework, a child will be upset and annoyed at their parent.
In addition, it is really fascinating how media can persuade people to believe certain things and act upon them. Advertisements began to say how “children would cultivate artistic talents by watching television,” parents began to believe that! However, later on when people started to recognize the negative effects of television, articles and advertisements for television started to say, “the television doesn’t control you, you control the television. Don’t blame the television.” But earlier on when they would advertise for television they would say things like “The television is part of the family! It can mend any family together!” I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty powerful device, if it can mend a family back together and help make the post War World 2 effects better.
I don’t think I was the parent’s fault for buying televisions because they didn’t know the negative effects it would have. They just wanted their children to have a balanced and good life after the effects of War World 2. They wanted to supply them with new technologies so they would fit in and they also wanted to give them vacations and only and all the good things! The world told them that a television would do that, and so they bought one! If I were living during that time I defiantly would have done the same.
The main thing I took out from this article was how much power and control the television really does have. The advertisements weren’t lying about that. But I believe the control and power it had was a negative impact rather than a positive one that it sought to have on the world.