Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America

My favorite part of this short reading was Spigel addressing the changes to living space that televisions brought to homes. Spigel asserted that pianos were replaced by televisions and televisions became the center of home entertainment. She indicated that children gradually became disinterested in arts and music. This most interested me because becoming less intrigued in arts and music leads me to the concept of damaging creativity and inventiveness. Most American families today own more television sets than pianos. Does this mean children now compared to children in the past (before television was created) are less imaginative and artistic? I can argue that because of the advancement of technology, individuals have access to a number of different music and art computer softwares that allow one to be creative. Also certain television programs such as “Brain Games” and “America’s Got Talent” help foster creativity and promote the arts in ways viewers are influenced/motivated. I don’t believe television has sabotaged ones ability to follow music and the arts. Perhaps when television first emerged because programming restrictions. But this day in age, where there are certain channels dedicated to music and the arts, I feel individuals have the ability to foster their creativity if wanted.

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