Los Angeles Geopolitics and the Zoot Suit Riot

This reading specifically resonated with me due to my ethnic background. I’m not Mexican, however I am of Hispanic descent. In 1943, an attack against Mexican-Americans wearing zoot suits erupted in Los Angeles. These altercations between sailors/law enforcement and Mexican-Americans were sparked by racism. After reading the article and being aware of the aggressive outbreaks the LAPD refused to assist the race affected with, I was furious. The LAPD has a history of being corrupt; it’s known world wide. But how can majority of an entire police department be placed on the streets WITH GUNS to protect and to serve? How can we learn to trust these authoritative individuals with our lives when most of them have racism pretty much embedded in them? What has changed about police brutality, or ignorance, in America? It is the bane of our existence. Rodney King. Sandra Bland. Michael Brown. Trayvon Smith. Edgar Arzate. Eric Garner. How many more lives have to be terrorized and/or lost for the law to change?

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