Bo’s’n’s Whistle: Representing “Rosie the Riveter” on the Job

During World War II, thousands of women were needed to fill industrial site positions while men went away to fight. Women were assigned to build ships, bombs, planes, etc. These same job responsibilities were once considered of befitting a man, therefore women in this workforce became a controversial topic of discussion. Women were stereotyped to be weak and only concerned about breaking a nail. It was difficult for women to become fully accepted in this lifestyle since being a stay-at-home mom was the habitual norm. Even today, society doesn’t believe women are built for a job considered of befitting a man, i.e construction or crane and tower operation. Extremely physical and heavy lifting type of work is deemed nontraditional for women. But this is unfair. While it is considered dangerous, why are women deemed incapable of these things? Jobs seem to be gender specific due to suitability, rather than gender. Your sex should not matter. Women should not be teased for working industrial positions.

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