A Black Feminist Roundtable

As a fan of Beyoncé myself, I found Bell Hook’s argument in relation to Beyoncé’s Lemonade video incredibly interesting. Hook’s explains that though she acknowledges that the video constructs an image of a “powerfully symbolic black female sisterhood” she ultimately believes that the video is in a way promoting the idea of violence as sexy. In my personal opinion, there is something incredibly powerful in the anger that is portrayed through these women that could be seen as violence. Though I do agree with Hook’s claim that women will not seize power, create self-love, and build self-esteem through the act of violence, I feel that there is a form of authority in women deciding to inflict violence. Wade Davis’s comment, which explains that Beyoncé’s lyrics in Hold Up; “I’m too perfect to ever feel this worthless” articulates what both Beyoncé and Hooks aim to understand, and that is the concept behind the Lemonade album to find humanity, on the journey of self love. In my opinion that is what both women try to promote. The idea of learning to live and accept yourself no matter what that may mean is a message both these women encourage. I agree with many of the commenters in the article that explain Beyoncé’s use of anger reminds us that the feeling is essential in our journeys to self realization. As a commenter states, “Black feminism should be celebrating one woman’s work to portray her journey and her experience through her voice, her music, and her vision as a filmmaker.”

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2 thoughts on “A Black Feminist Roundtable”

  1. I agree with your post completely, I believe that Beyoncé’s use of anger reminds us of self realization and although Bell Hooks’ claims that Beyoncé is portraying anger as “sexy”, she makes a valid point that women will not seize power through violence.

  2. Yes! And I do love Beyonce’s use of anger in this context – because, hey, we are all angry! With what is going on in this world today, this was a good representation of what we all are currently feeling right now at this moment. This could also relate to black feminism today and how is could be frustrating when feminism isn’t inclusive of everyone — feminism should be intersectional and focus on everyone’s background and shine light on different communities, not just one one group of feminists. We are all in this together and we are all we have, we should support one another and help each other grow! 🙂

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