2 thoughts on “The Female Athlete”

  1. I would first like to say good job selecting this topic. I`m a fan of sports and have a huge interest in pursuing a career in sports journalism. I can only imagine how difficult it`ll be to get where I want to be. Who I`ll have to get by to get to the next level.
    You did an amazing job with adding statistics and pictures to compare the disparity between women and men in sports media. It is a sad case that woman are not equally represented or respected in sports. The only time I think women are equally represented is in the olympics.
    The magazine covers you included in one of the slides is a representation of a women needing sex appeal to sell the magazine. This is highly necessary for a Sports Illustrated cover, women are in lighter clothing exposing more skin.
    Can women get a break and some positive coverage? In order to watch the WNBA you must have a specific network in order to root for your hometown team if not you have to search it online. NBA coverage you can find it on more than 6 networks (ABC, ESPN, MSG, YES, COMCAST, NBATV).

  2. the stats you used were a great representation of what you are trying to show. and as a huge sports fan i completely agree that women get a fraction of the amount of air time as men do and believe that it should change.

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