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  1. Hi Bryant and all,

    The “Gamer Gate” controversy was a brutal and very complex social media phenomenon. I’d urge everyone to read up on this (there’s a Wiki introduction with some helpful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_controversy). Online harassment of female critics and designers/artists is very serious and taps into a long history of violent reactions to those who question gendered norms. I strongly suggest contextualizing this event and this history rather than accepting the attacks on feminists like Sarkeesian at face value. Hope this can generate a productive and thoughtful discussion.

  2. The video games I`m familiar with the rewards were codes to the next level, a trophy or props to use. May I say that I did not know about the purchasing of women body in video games via video clip on getting women as a reward. This can be closely related to the idea of ‘digital’ prostitution but if you really think about it. As a woman, it is very disturbing that a male uses video games to fulfill his sexual fantasies.
    The clips included in the presentation gave me a better understanding of what your topic is about and the argument being displayed. It seems to me that no matter what women have to say they will always be bashed for being a woman and especially in the gamer industry which is a male dominated society.
    I don’t think Corgan comparing social justice warrior to the KKK was the best way to go. His views on the attack on social injustice warrior can not be compared one inch to what the KKK has done to the black race.

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