The Beauty of Moonlight

As I still try to wrap my head around how absolutely wonderful the film Moonlight was, I can’t help but think about all of the vibrant colors, and incredible use of camera movement that helped make this film so different and so impactful. The use of handheld cameras that evoke a feeling of movement in such a silent film, along with the constant use of colors that signify the protagonist feelings make this film visually distinctive and charming. I absolutely loved the way the film presented the characters three stages of growth and change.

Moonlight does something that I feel I haven’t seen before; it depicts the being poor and black in America in a different way than I am use to witnessing. As Farihah Zaman and Nicolas Rapold point out,“Moonlight takes back these shared points of human experience so that they might reside in black communities and be borne out by black bodies, in a time when such depictions are still rare in independent cinema.” The idea of being black and gay in a tough community has many times been depicted, but this film is less about the consequences and actions of that but more about the experience of growing up and being in love. Jenkins is able to make the story about being different and finding your place as time goes on, and the effects your surroundings could have on your life. Overall, I feel Moonlight was incredibly powerful and did a fantastic job of depicting so many peoples untold story.

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3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Moonlight”

  1. I agree with the all different colors and camera movement make this movie different from other movies. The way of camera movements make me I am in the movie and I see what happen that moment. I was first time I watched that kine of movie so I felt weird after finished the movie. But it is definitely hard to make black gay movie becomes awarding movie because it’s already other movies hard to get it as well. And also, black gay movie has trouble to accept by society, so this movie was the one of the most famous black gay movie.

  2. The cinematography in Moonlight is definitely something to consider. The quality in color and contrast create illuminance in skin tones and setting and adds beauty to the visual experience. I think the color work in the movie juxtaposes the dark things that each character encounters.

  3. I agree with the depiction of African Americans most films we watch consists of violence to a whole other degree or comedy this film in particular focuses on what it means to a gay black man in your own community. A topic that is rarely spoken of. A topic they try to ignore or act as if it doesn’t exist. The pride, ego and reputation amongst black men is huge. It takes years to never for them to come out of the closet and be comfortable with their sexuality.

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