Women and Aids

Women have been dying of Aids since 1981, and only by 1986 were they beginning to be acknowledged for it. Because of this, there are many activist for women and aids. In order to advocate for women and aids you must educate people first. Most people are not educated people. Activist began making plays, books, videos, coloring book sand events for adults and children on the matter. The best way to educate people is when they are young. It was brought about where they had gotten financial support for their activism, and the answer was that they had not. The money they used was from personal accounts. Master cards and tips from clients at their personal careers. They declared, “We’ve made it this far, so that must mean there is something to us”.

When one fights for something from their own personal being it is that much greater and worthwhile. People many times automatically think that when women fight for rights the are just being annoying feminist, however, if they were just doing it to do it, they would not had put in all this commitment that they had.

Later on in the article, it is written, “to change this situation, women must first be recognized as valuable human beings”. When i read this I was shocked, because every person is a person despite their gender. However, the sad truth is that just like Aids are an issue, there are also gender issues, racial issues, and much more. There are so many issues and it is our job to fight for them and try and resolve them. We should focus on educating first like they did for women and aids by various ways. If you want any problem to be fixed one must educate first.

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3 thoughts on “Women and Aids”

  1. People usually call me a communist because I’m one of those rare few that think people should all have the same status, opportunities, and should work together. I’m not a communist but, I do think we should strive for a society where people should be granted the chance to find success and have great health. The way I was growing up I thought people of any race or gender were at the same level, that’s just how great my neighborhood was, but, in the past few years I’ve began to notice that not everyone has the same level of opportunities. So, would it sound crazy if we try to make everyone have the same level of status? I’m not sure if educating people would solve the issues. The much older, experienced, and wealthier people would prioritize profit over making people happy and that’s why we don’t see much change because they would rather play it safe and keep it the same way it is now. In the end, it’s always about the business and no amount of strikes or riots can change that, unless, they start to notice a severe loss in income. Boycotts and a couple of other tactics can cause that, but that would require other people to stop being violent because that would only make them want to spend more money on the damages instead of on the people.

  2. I think you make a fantastic point when you say that to change an issue we must first educate ourselves on the topic. I think it is so incredibly important to know that there is so much we do not know. Admitting that we do not know something is the first step to learning, opening your mind on a topic, and being willing to listen and understand someone else’s point of view. We are taught to believe some things are the way they are because they have always been that way yet when you stop to question an absolute, is when you begin the process of change and progression.

    I agree that people are selfish, and perhaps educating them on a topic won’t necessarily change a situation, but being aware of what you may not know allows you an opportunity to at least want to learn and perhaps make a difference. I disagree with the idea that boycotting or protesting does not do much in situations demanding change. I think if enough people make noise and demand to be heard, change is possible. Our complicity and ignorance has allowed us to hand over power to few, but if enough of us change that so many things can change.

  3. I think it is ridiculous that women have to be seen as a valuable human in order to be given basic human rights. Just because it is a woman, the value of the life is not lessened and society still has yet to realize that. When women were getting infected and dying from AIDS they were not taken seriously and although we have come a long way as a society, we still have a long way to go.

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