Visionary Feminism: Bell Hooks

This article realized me more about feminism and feminism in the media. In the article, it was mention that there are some gender issues in the television shows and radio but these medias didn’t really highlight the issues the way feminism did. It realized me that there are many news or newspaper or other media devices picked up gender issues but they just picked something looks like gender issues. It didn’t really try to think about the way feminism thinkers did. Also, this article focused on the domestic violence and patriarchy and I couldn’t have a connection until this article did. I have never think about that patriarchy could link domestic violence because I always thought that a man who did domestic violence because of his personality issue. However, if I link between domestic violence and patriarchy, it more made sense to me. Of course, not all men in the earth did domestic violence and influence by a patriarch, but patriarchy was the slightly establish an environment for domestic violence for men.

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2 thoughts on “Visionary Feminism: Bell Hooks”

  1. I don’t think patriarchy is the primary reason for domestic violence. I think it’s a stereotype when people suggest that men want to assert their dominance in the house by using physical force. I think people who use force are just criminals or mentally unstable. In today’s society, there has been a rising trend into believing that men are trying to control women in their families and I don’t think that is the case. I’ve seen many videos on YouTube where some people are calling for “men shaming” because apparently only men, are abusive, have the last word, and interrupt women in mid sentences. It appears to be very subjective because many people would describe their experiences with their families and believe that’s what happens in many other houses. I can only speak for myself, but, from what I’ve seen in video responses, I don’t think these qualities are biologically inherited in men because both men and women are equally capable of possessing any sort of trait. Women can think and do exactly what men can and vice versa. If we say that all women are docile and obey anything that men tell them to do, then are we truly being honest? I know my mother isn’t docile, in fact she’s quite the opposite and so is my roommate, who is female, and both are just as outspoken and independent as I am. I think the problem must be looked at from a different perspective. One of the reasons why people think feminism is a negative term is because some feminists are bias and that makes people think they all are. It’s similar to how some people nowadays tend to think “since some men are abusive then therefor they all can be abusive too.” It would be better if we call out only those certain individuals performing the action, than to be grouping and labeling everyone together just because of that one person.

  2. I disagree, I think that television and radio shows do pick up gender issues and really do portray then. Perhaps, they are just making fun of it, but they defiantly do pose those kind of issues and make people well aware of them. I believe feminism was a result to all of this and the exact portrayal.

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