Still at the back of the bus: Sylvia Rivera’s struggle Jessi Gan

When I read this article, I most surprising facts was her background. I didn’t really expect that she had an extremely complicated childhood when she was young. She already had sex with her cousin when she was only seven years old, and later she knew that she could use her body to earn money as well. I thought that how she grew up influenced how she is and it reinforces how she wanted to be too. The way she neglected by her parent lead how she wanted to express herself. Also when I watched her video in the class, I impressed her message. She had a strong voice, words and she had a big courage to speak in front of a crowd of people. I felt that she was one of the important people who changes perception of gender to society.

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One thought on “Still at the back of the bus: Sylvia Rivera’s struggle Jessi Gan”

  1. Circumstances such as Sylvia Rivera experienced certainly lead you to life choices. Being exposed to her sexuality at such a young age affects your mentality towards the subject of it. I think as Sylvia Rivera was exposed to many different learnings as she grow older, she understood more of her childhood experiences and made the decision to be an advocate.

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