Forever Stardust : David Bowie Across the Universe

Bowie was the person who gave huge influence for LGBT since the early 1970s. He changed the idea that how man or woman should behave to the society, especially young generation. The way he appeared in the media was new and young generation felt that was cool, but the old generation was hard to understand about his idea. I could understand the society couldn’t catch up him easily because he was too new. He was too new, so people felt fear unconsciousness and tried to think about he was “different” from them. The way they avoid him was the best way to stable their society. Also, he said he was a gay and other time he wasn’t gay in the media so his comments made people confuse who he was. However, I still impressed he showed himself different way from other people and his feature somehow good effect to other people.

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5 thoughts on “Forever Stardust : David Bowie Across the Universe”

  1. What you said about Bowie on the younger generations and older generations is very true. The older generations did not coincide as much with his ideas because they lived in another generation and it was harder for them to accept something new. People were also defiantly confused about him, he gave off different messages. Im personally confused about whether or not people related or felt conflicted by him.

  2. I have a guess about why he would make his sexuality ambiguous. Perhaps he was afraid of some possible backlash when he started off, so he made it unclear as to what his sexuality was. Judging from today’s world, I can only imagine how stressful it must be to constantly worry about how people would view you because, especially in the entertainment industry, you don’t want to be on many people’s bad side or else you would lose your career in a heartbeat. Content creators in this world right now are under constant fire by journalists, so it’s very stressful when you think people would target your content and basically lash at it because they don’t agree with it, it doesn’t fit their agenda, or they easily get offended by it. I’m not sure how people accepted the gay community but, I think he might’ve been a bit scared about it so maybe that’s why he decided to make himself appear the way he did. Maybe the reason why he began to look different in later years was possibly because he received some insults, or perhaps that style just wasn’t working anymore. That’s just my guess though and I wanted to share that. Great post by the way!

  3. I think the most interesting about David Bowie is his ability to create and almost normalize gender fluidity. The idea that you don’t have to define yourself, you could be what you want, love who you love and have no one else tell you you’re wrong is what David Bowie implied with his art. It is difficult when a celebrity bends all of the rules, it becomes interesting to market them to a certain group especially when a lot of his most loyal fans were closeted at the time. That is why I think David Bowie is so incredibly important for the LGBTQ community, because he gained fame and popularity in a time where being gay was more common but not normalized. His art and his music taught many young people who were struggling with sexual orientation or self identification, that it was okay to not be labeled as long as you are true to yourself.

    1. i completely agree. my whole life i have always thought i am who i am and you are who you are and if you can accept that great but if you can’t you go your way and ill go mine and that’s that. i believe that was what David Bowie was trying to tell people and in most cases it worked. sadly that is not how everyone felt and it has been a problem in this world since the beginning of time but hopefully how this world is going we can embrace that type of living sooner rather than later.

  4. David Bowie was certainly a huge advocate in the LGBT community. I think it’s cool that because he was of the very firsts to come out and be openly gay in the spotlight and the apparent negative stigma homosexuality had at the time, people still chose to admire him for his talent. He was super talented and though he was flamboyant in his ways, he was still appreciated and admired for his music. Sexual orientation should not impact whether or not people decide to listen to your music.

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