Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema by Laura Mulvey

This reading was very hard to me to understand. I understood about an idea of Froud because I took psychology classes before, but it was hard to connect between Froud’s idea and Laura Mulvey’s idea into the movie. I only understood few ideas from this reading which were women were sexual objects for the male gaze and also women were always passive and men were active. The idea of women were sexual objects for the male gaze made me unexplained feeling. I felt I could understand this idea because there were many stories that women seducing men, but not all of stories like that, so at some point, I couldn’t fully understand. Another one was women were always passive and men were active, and this idea made me uncomfortable as well. I though because of this idea made people thought women were not strong and also control women’s limitation what women wanted to express themselves. I hope what I though make sense.

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2 thoughts on “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema by Laura Mulvey”

  1. This reading was difficult for me to understand at first, too. At first, it was hard understanding Mulvey’s concept of the male gaze and the three network gazes. I agree that the objectification of women definitely supports Mulvey’s theory. This is a very difficult concept to swallow and it is horrific to comprehend that this is what is going on in the media.

  2. I agree, and it makes me uncomfortable as well, but we must consider that the film industry is male dominated, therefore women have been portrayed as sexual beings. Women have been sexualized for years because, I believe, of the idea that “sex sells”, also objectification. I’ve always thought that men were visual creatures.

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