We Like Our Apartment: The Playboy Indoor

I was enjoying to read this article because there were a lot of things I didn’t know until I read it.
The fact made me most surprised was the idea of the bachelor pad connected with playboy. There are some men leave their family and be independent or support themselves now. However, people think the men who living themselves are independent but people don’t think they are playboys. In the article bachelor pad was cool and who lived there was cooler. One fact I agreed in the article was bachelor pad in the megapolitan contain some sexual attractive towards women. The reason was because living city is already expensive and also the idea of bachelor pad had a big room, having many pictures, and there was stylish furniture so it would be an extra expense for a living. Which meant that the man had money and also referred maybe a good job. Women want to get men who live nice place, who have money and who can support her. Therefore, bachelor pad was romance for men, but also for women.
Another interesting thing was bachelor became womanized after they married. Before men marry they could do whatever they want. They didn’t really care the color of furniture and arrangement, but when they marry their wives controlled their room. Even worse, men had to leave their dream room in order to live house. They lost their style and they needed to adapt their new lifestyle. I think because of this, there are many men dream strongly about bachelor pad. Moreover, media pushed let men dream about bachelor pad to use magazines and movies.

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3 thoughts on “We Like Our Apartment: The Playboy Indoor”

  1. I see what you mean in your post but I still disagree with that article itself because I don’t think it’s true when saying that a bachelor pad has a connection to playboy, due to the fact that anyone’s room will always be a reflection of what they like and not so much as trying to appeal to a woman. A bachelor pad can be a “man hole” where everything that person likes is displayed throughout the house. Now if the room is simply used to catch women’s attention then yes that would reflect on their room decor and furniture. Also I don’t agree with the article when it says that women try to womanize their bachelor pad, because if the two of them are married and living in the same house then it would only seem fair to let their partner reflect their tastes on the house as well. They are married after all and both should like most if not all of their lover’s characteristics so is having the house changed really a matter of womanization? I really don’t think a married guy would wish he had more control of the house decor if he truly loves her. Besides if the bachelor pad was meant for “hooking up” then I don’t think he’ll need that “play boy” bachelor pad anymore sense he found a mate. I really liked your take on this essay by the way but I don’t like the essay itself.

  2. It is really funny to read and examine bachelor pads and how they were strategically put together. Looking at the images of the playboy pad was really funny because literally everything was placed in a specific way for a reason (and that reason was to seduce and show off to the ladies they brought home). I thought the rotating, fancy bed was pretty hilarious – it was also interesting to see the deluxe pool, the old expensive technology, and the gaudy decor. Living in the urban city is expensive enough, but this notion of the ideal bachelor pad takes that to a whole other level!

  3. The bachelor and playboy connection was definitely something to take account of. Why do bachelors have to be playboys? Also the home design. It was appealing for a man to have this extravagant home in which women were essentially drawn to. His home would include a mechanical bed and pole for sexual desires. It’s insane how people glamorize this idea of bachelorism and playboyism.

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